About us

Eleship Electrical Design & Engineering Ltd. was founded in February 2011.

The company provides services in design range of electrical system, radio and communications for marine units.

Our company  team of designers and engineers has the appropriate qualifications and experience to meet the demands.

The project team is prepared not only in carrying out projects of new ships, but also has experience in preparing documentation for the rebuilding or repair combined with the selection of equipment, cables and price analysis.

We also make arrangements of consoles and equipment in the wheelhouse and other areas such as ECR, which can be executed upon request of three-dimensional presentations and also in 1:1 mock-up.

The advantages of our design office are the very good knowledge of the maritime industry, the individual experience of the employees, the ability to work in a team and the creative attitude to the tasks of the customer while focusing on finding new solutions, reducing costs and creating complex integrated designs.

During working on detail design projects we use our own cable management program "Elroute", which simplifies the process of laying cables on the ship and allows for cost optimization.

We can supply (as supply integrator) wheelhouse console and engine room consoles, switchboards, lighting, radio-navigation, communications and computer systems.

We also provide services for the integration of ship systems into tele-informatic networks, including the management and distribution of this information.

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